How to Find the Best Dropshipper, Wholesaler, Or Liquidator

Wholesalers and drop shippers are the lifeblood to your online or eBay business. They provide the products at attractive prices that you need to keep your profits pumping. So a good wholesaler or dropshipper is essential. However, a good one is not always that easy to find and keep.

When you're trying to find the best dropshipper, wholesaler, or liquidator to purchase products from you need to keep several things in mind.

First there is always the risk that a good supplier, once you find one, can renegotiate the terms on which you are doing business together. In other words, they might increase the base price on popular products if they see you moving a large quantity of them.

When this happens the increase in the price point of the product results in a slimmer than usual profit margin. In this circumstance you usually need to find another provider.

Online business people often turn to a directory of wholesalers and drop shippers to find a replacement supplier. There are several web based companies, some better than others, who can provide these directories which eliminate a huge source of frustration: having to search through the web to find suppliers who will deliver at your price.

A good wholesaler directory will save you countless (we're talking thousands) of hours searching in vain for a wholesale supplier that will work with you as an online retailer or auctioneer.

Unfortunately, many of these directories are poorly researched. In an effort to construct the largest list of suppliers many suspect wholesale aggregators will include hundreds (if not thousands) of illegitimate providers. These "wholesalers" will at best resell you products that they've bought from a true wholesaler at a huge markup.

At worst they will completely scam you.

A good wholesaler can mean the difference between a money-loser and an explosively profitable campaign. To discover the most reputable and trustworthy sources of cheap wholesale products visit where I outline how to increase your auction profits by a factor of ten.

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