Wholesale Products: Finding the Best Wholesale Products

Wholesale products are in strong demand due to the explosion in the number of eBay sellers, flea market vendors, and new dollar stores opening up.

To give you an idea of the demand for wholesale products think of how many eBay sellers make a part time or full time living on eBay.

If you agree with me that there are at least 100,000 of these eBay sellers, then you can imagine how much merchandise they need on a weekly and monthly basis.

Then add to this figure the number of flea market vendors who need wholesale products for every weekend. Many flea market vendors also sell during the week, so they need wholesale products for those days too.

What about all the dollar stores, discount stores, and variety stores?

They also need a steady supply of wholesale products for their stores.

So with all of the competition that is looking for wholesale products, how can you find the best wholesale products?

You should start by deciding what category of wholesale products you want to focus on.

If for example you select wholesale clothing, you would then want to conduct a search on wholesale search engines for clothing wholesalers.

Make a list of the clothing deals they offer, compare the brands, prices, and quality, and see which wholesaler can offer you the best deal.

Remember that the lowest price, or the most well known brand name, does not make it the best deal.

Often a brand name will be sold for a price too high for you to make money on, while a lesser known brand might give you more room to make money.

The same is true in the reverse, just because an item is priced low doesn't mean that your customers will like it and buy it from you.

Wholesale search engines that can be useful are and []

Start contacting wholesalers which you have on your list. To make sure they offer you the best wholesale products you need to let them know that you are a serious customer.

Donny Lowy is the CEO of the following wholesale and closeout businesses.


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Last Items
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S101 Ansi Class 2 Tricot Breakaway X-back Hi-viz Orange Vest (Xl)
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